From Swansea With Love (Part 2)

I’m head over heel in love! She lives 400 miles away!
What can go wrong?

…A Lot.


Rupert The Teenager: Surviving Brock College

I was a teenager. More hormones were flying about than a party in the endocrine system.

I had no idea about girls or even how to talk to them. What could possibly go wrong?


My Muddy Valentines (Day)

Trapped in the middle of nowhere. On Valentine’s day. Hell no!


The Date from Hell (Part 2)

So I went on a second date. Things can’t get any worse… or can they?


The Date from Hell (Part 1)

I once went on a date that spiralled out of control and ended up in a chase sequence, hiding behind Bournemouth’s Imax Cinema. Read on to find out how the hell this happened.