Europe Travel Diary (Berlin)

My next stop was Berlin, Germany.
It was full of wide, open roads. Square buildings were the architectural style. Crossing the traffic lights when the green man came on did not meet cars will stop. I arrived at the Heart of Gold Hostel, to meet my new roommates. There were swedes, americans, welsh and a Scottish guy. The Americans, Ray and Larkie, had been travelling for 9 months!

We went to pizza restaurant on the corner, to be faced by a very obtuse and maniacal owner.


Ummm, not sure. Piccante


Uh-uh, margherita???


He was quite terrifying, but his pizzas did taste good.

That night, I slept on the top of the bunk bed. Bizarrely, I woke up in the middle of the night, and told the room – ‘I have something to tell you ‘ – much to the amusement of my new roomies.

Breakfast was a sombre affair, although German bread is tasty. It was salami, cheese, strawberry yoghurt. The Swedes and I ventured off to Aldi, and I bought a grim egg, bacon and cheese sandwich which was gross, as well as chocolate milk and a peppered pizza roll. Prices were at least 20% cheaper tho. A bottle of Jager was at least Β£4 cheaper than England.

We then went to the Berlin Wall, where we learnt stories of people digging under it, jumping over it, and getting shot in their attempts. Seeing the photos of the victims, as well as checking out the Holocaust memorial, put me in a bit of a sad mood. The memorial did include excitable kids posing between the blocks, shattering any respect of the fallen in one narcissistic swoop.


As we got back to the hostel, Germany vs KoreaΒ  (The World Cup) was playing, and Germany got knocked in the first round for the first time in 70odd years. It was quite tragic to watch, and when Korea were announced the champs of the match, the hostel played incredibly depressing violin music – it was refreshingly melodramatic. I made pasta in the kitchen upstairs, and got speaking to an Indian guy. I loved being able to start up a conversation with strangers and them loving to talk.

I went down to watch another match, and got talking to a girl called Diana for about 4 hours, who was a business analyst who wanted to employ the homeless. I enjoyed bonding with someone new, and it made it harder to what to come home after making new connections

The others in the hostel room had gone to a techno rave in a dungeon, full of people doing pills. If you brought your glass back to your bar, you’d get money!

Before my next adventure to Prague, I stopped by the West Side Gallery to see more remains of the Berlin Wall. This side was the decorated side, and it was nice to see something so creative envelop something so tragic.


I got on my train to Prague, but find myself to be a cosy cabin with 6 other people. It was a bit of a squeeze and tightly awkward. Trapped in this booth with a woman with a hellish perfume was a nauseating experience! I was relieved when we pulled into Prague.


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