6 Tricks How Trump Became President


Donald Trump became president of the USA on the 9th November 2016.

People  were worried we would backpedal into a 1950’s dystopia where sexism and racism were about as common as the cold.

Others would worry someone would upset Donald’s sharp ginger- vanilla wave of a haircut, that he would got sensitive, and he may launch a nuclear counter-attack. World War 3 could happen.

One day you may be reading this from an underground bunker, clinging on to loved ones for hope the air outside is breathable.

We complain about him on daily basis, yet people knew what he was like when they voted him in. People were surprised, yet it was pretty obvious how he became our glorious leader. Take a look at the evidence.

1. He’s deceptively intelligent for someone that acts like a buffoon.

See Boris Johnson, Jade Goody, Nigel Farage and George Bush. He says a lot of stupid things, but honestly, you don’t become a multi-billionaire if you have a single digit IQ. He’s spent years building up a global empire; he knows how to get people to invest him, whether that be their finances or (now) their dignity. He’s come bouncing back from bankruptcy many times.

2. Trump speaks using slow, simple English.

Which means the horrific complexity of politics doesn’t seem scary and bewildering. We feel part of it because he speaks likes a normal person (well apart from the sexist/racist elements) which likely gets the redneck/ hillbilly or uneducated vote. Most billionaires and politicians seem arrogant and pompous when they speak and we feel like we are beneath them, yet he communicates with humour and uses clever word choice e.g. ‘Let’s Make America Great Again.’

(is it not great now? If it was, when did it stop being great?)

He breaks stuff down. Living in England, I don’t have a bloody clue what’s going in with American Politics. Yet he explains it so simply, that it seems to make sense.

3. Publicity.

Every dumb thing he says is publicised, retweeted, rebroadcast and talked about. His name is lodged in the public conscious and the more we talk about, the more it won’t go away – see Katie Hopkins, Kardashians, Beiber, TOWIE, Cheryl Tweed Cole- Versini. Although it’s been mainly negative, Trump’s garnered all the attention and coverage of the election and you can’t escape his irritating orange face.  We love all things media and start foaming at the mouth when we hear gossip about famous people. He has been in the public eye for years, including spending 10 years firing people on the Apprentice, solidifying a persona of an admirable and calculated businessman and leader to millions of viewers. (Funnily enough Alan Sugar hasn’t decided to jump on the election bandwagon.) We trust people that we know and see on a frequent basis. I myself have been upstaged at job interviewers as other candidates are more well-known or are best buddies with the management.

His twitter is a painful trainwreck to watch. But we’ve all made mistakes on social media we regret. We won’t forget Trump, but we will forget his competition.



4. Patriotism.

Voters are a lot more patriotic than you realise, we bang on about how diverse and accepting of others, but when it all boils down to it, the pride of our country, is sometimes more important than common sense – see Brexit.

5. Emotions, Fear.

The Donald speaks directly to people’s fears e.g. terrorism, increasing taxes, losing jobs, which are massively scary things that we have to deal with on a daily basis with. He’s offering a solution. Despite these solutions being absolutely terrifying , there’s a lot of angry stupid people out there that hate people and these honest solutions makes sense to them.
He’s ballsy, and you get the impression he’s going to do what he says. He’s not going to hold back on what the thinks, so it gives the impression he’s going to act on it.

6. He’s passionate, enthusiastic and energetic.

The public like people who claim they are ‘men of the people’ who have energy and charisma, e.g. Hitler, Churchill.

Corbyn, May, Gordon Brown, Ed Milliband… they are so dull and unapproachable, they feel like crusty old teachers that are best locked in the stationary cupboard

Trump speaks in emotions, despite having no facts or political knowledge to back anything up. He makes stupid mistakes and social faux paux, like the average Joes do, so it’s a lot easier to relate to an idiot than a stuffy and snobby politician (see David Cameron, thanks for firing up the Brexit referendum to get you a second term, grrrr )

PS. I won £50 betting on Trump winning. I knew Americans would prevail.
Vote below on your opinion of the Donald.


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